The Air Flight ’89 Again Receives The “Bred” Treatment Inspired By The AJ4

It is quite an obvious fact that it was back in 1989 when the Nike Air Flight ’89 made its retail debut. Sneakerheads are not mistake if they feel that the Air Flight ’89 looks rather similar to the Air Jordan 4 because this model does indeed draw inspiration from Jordan Brand’s fourth signature silhouette. In particular, the midsole and the outsole of the Air Flight ’89 are an exact replica of the ones featured by the Air Jordan 4. The latest upcoming Air Flight ’89 Nike release 2015 has been dressed up in a coveted and iconic Air Jordan 4 colorway and it is not the first time that Nike has done this.The fact that the Nike Air Flight ’89 bears such resemblance to the Air Jordan 4 is the reason that the Nike basketball shoes became one of that era’s most sought out sneaker. Of course, Michael Jordan never really wore the Air Flight ’89 on the court, considering that he already had a sneaker series named after him. However, Scottie Pippen who was also a member of the Chicago Bulls and many other NBA athletes laced up in the Nike Air Flight ’89 at that time.In the past, the Nike Air Flight ’89 has adapted the same coveted and iconic “Bred” color scheme of the Air Jordan 4 several times, which was also introduced back in 1989. However, this upcoming Air Flight ’89 “Bred” appears to be the best version yet. Of course, the leather upper of this sneaker is dressed up in the widely recognized black, grey and red hues that Air Jordan 4 had originally sported. The sneaker even sports the speckled midsole, which is better known as the cement print.This may not be the first time the Nike Air Flight ’89 has borrowed elements from the Air Jordan 4, but this latest rendition does indeed appear to be the most eye-catching and outstanding one to date. While this Air Flight ’89 “Bred” can expect to arrive at retailers soon, an actual date has not yet been confirmed for this particular Nike release 2015.

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