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Air Jordan 1 Rare Air “Black/Bronze” Reviews

Air Jordan 1 Rare Air “Black/Bronze” Reviews

Air Jordan 1 Rare Air “Black/Bronze”
Release Date: September or October
Price: $140

Air Jordan 1 Rare Air “Black/Bronze” is an amazing pair that Air Jordan fans will appreciate. Combining black and bronze bring uniqueness to its design while promoting classic silhouettes the brand is known for. Watch out for further news about its release and start saving to get it in the future.

Air Jordan 1 Rare Air “Black/Bronze” is a footwear under the Rare Air model that highlights classic, yet trendy look. This model in particular combines the beauty of black as its main color and bronze parts serving as accents, adding elegance to a sporty sneakers.Another detail is the pre-OG Air Jordan name right on the collar area. It allows users to see the classic design and detail that many buyers loved on the brand. This embossed name also uses the same bronze color that contributes to the overall team.

Air Jordan 1 Rare Air “BlackBronze” Reviews

Aside from the bronze color, white detailing are also found on the entire shoes. The Jumpman icon is colored white while the entire shoes rest on white midsoles. The white midsoles breathe life to the overall design.

Upon seeing this footwear’s overall design, Air Jordan fans began to look for sneaker news about its jordan release date. Shoppers need to wait, however, as it is rumored to be released in September or October. Price is around $140 and something that many buyers can get with their budget.

Buyers will know that it’s a product from Air Jordan with its stamp embossed right on the ankle area. Another indicator is the Air Jordan icon right on the patch placed on the tongues. What buyers will love about this unique patch is the removable patch that allows people to remove them if they find necessary.

Underneath the midsole is the bronze-colored outersole that accents the shoes. Buyers will see a sturdy-looking outer sole that guarantee durability and long-term use.

One of the surprises that come with the sneakers is the number 30 detailing found inside the shoes. Shoppers will like its overall design and all the details that come with it.
The entire shoes is comfortable to use while providing utmost support for the ankles when used for playing or even for regular walking. Users will feel really comfortable wearing these sneakers.

In 1985 the Air Jordan 1 debuted as the first sneaker from Air Jordan brand. NBA banned it for breaking the uniform regulations of the league. Michael Jordan was fined by NBA every time he worn these sneakers for playing game in the court which was paid by Nike every time. In the history of Air Jordan the Air Jordan 1 is among the most Retroed sport shoes.

Nike used these penalties as the part of its marketing strategy for Air Jordan 1 as they labeled these shoes as THE SHOES BANNED BY THE NBA. Later on they became popular among sports enthused people as Nike introduced these shoes in 23 different color combinations excluding the coloways presented in other models of Air Jordan one like Air jordan1 KO etc.

Initial models of Air Jordan shoes delivered adoration and high intensity to their customers. After their release their demand increased superbly. Since the release of original Air Jordan one series as basketball shoes from Nike it has experienced many changes. It was considered among the top sneakers not only for the shoe industry but for sports also. They introduced each pair of Air Jordan 1 with matching color combo of two sets of laces. They were liked by the old players as well as by new ones with equal zeal and fervor.

History of Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan I was originally released in 1985 for $65. It was designed by Peter Moore who later on also designed Air Jordan 2. It was released in Black/Royal, Black/Red, Chicago and Black Toe popular colorways. It first retro model was released in 1994.

The existence of Air Jordan 1 would have been suspicious if the agent of Michael would have succeeded in getting a deal with Adidas. Nike grabbed the opportunity with a view to present basketball players like the star players of tennis who were known to have endorsements for the best sneakers at that time. The introduction of innovative design of Air Jordan 1 with its eye pleasing colorways and dunk-like silhouette made them the perfect shoes for changing the mood of the game.

Air Jordan 1 was released in 1985 as the first multi-colored shoes that were worn by NBA players like Michael Jordan. Both of these incidents, the release of Air Jordan 1 and participation of Michael Jordan in the All-Star game as rookie of the year made 1985 a great year. The first impression of MJ regarding Air Jordan 1 was that he will not wear those shoes as he will look like clown with them. But once he wore them in the game they gradually became famous and were sold for $65.

Company is planning to re-release some of the awesome classic and retro models of Air Jordan 1 along with re-mastered models of a number of other shoes in 2015. They are introducing them with some latest stylish features including Wings logo and metal plated tongue in light grey and tanned tone along with snake-skin black upper to make it better than its luxury model Air Jordan 1 retro high. To get more information about the release dates of Air Jordan 1 you can contact at Sneakers Release Date.